The sneaky little secret
for leaping ahead

all in 1 fell swoop

"But it's too easy!
It wouldn't be practical
to allow everyone access to this!"

Here's the secret
experts and gurus
I should hide from you

I have a dilemma. A huge dilemma.

I know many of the experts and gurus with all those popular books, course, seminars and blogs. Most of them are really nice people. They mean well. But much of what they're teaching you isn't worth a hill of beans.

I've silently watched them all these years. I haven't said a word in public about their teaching methods. But I just can't remain quiet any more.

People's lives are at stake. Their futures. Their jobs. Their careers. Their businesses. Their relationships. Their happiness.

I can't sit by and watch it any longer.

They've tried to silence me. They've tried to shut me down. And I can understand why. After all, if you know this secret, you won't need them any more.

But enough is enough. My responsibility is not to them. It is to you.

They keep telling us we must change. But the people who need to change and adapt most are the experts, teachers, trainers and gurus.

If they don't change how they teach you then, as Maria Montessori once said, "there's very little hope for our future."

New hope for
the individual strapped
for money or time

Are you strapped for time or capital or "skills" — but need to be great at any of these?

If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, then you must read this.

There's a way to leap ahead with a whole bunch of life skills. It's simple. It's swift. It's sweeping.

Get this. You don't need to read a whole bunch of books. You don't need to drown in a slew of blog posts. You don't need to attend a whole lot of classes or workshops.

That's how ordinary folks learn.

They learn list after list after list.

To learn even one skill, they learn several lists.

Lists of rules. Lists of laws. Lists of techniques. Processes. Scripts. Procedures. Steps. Habits. Prescriptions. Too many lists!

With every book, every course, every blog post, they get inundated with more and more lists.

In a moment, I'll explain how this traditional method is at the root of what's holding you back.

Only1List is the exact opposite of this antiquated method.

Rather than relying on a multitude of lists of "how-to" techniques, rules, laws, steps or procedures, Only1List delivers its exceptional results by focusing you directly on just 1 list of the core issues that govern success and accomplishment — for all the skills you need.

Only1List represents
such a remarkable breakthrough
because you no longer need millions of lists;
You need only 1 list.

The net result is you need a whole lot less time, a whole lot less money, a whole lot less effort. And yet, you accomplish a whole lot more.

This Simple Chart
Explains Why Success
Avoids Most People

(And How You Can Win … Despite The Odds)

This simple chart shows why real success remains elusive to the average individual … while others, neither as industrious nor as talented as you, collect all the success and all the recognition.

Let me explain how you can use this chart to capture uncommon advantages for yourself —

It's a scientific fact. The way most people learn today is, for all practical purposes, completely useless.

Hermann Ebbinghaus proved this as far back as 1885. But we continue to ignore him to this day!

What Ebbinghaus proved is that you forget practically everything you learn within 6 short days of learning it. You might as well not waste your time and money learning it.

Now, what does all this mean to you?

It means that if you want to excel at any skill, you must first make sure you're being taught it in a way that you will actually remember it.

But, how exactly do you do this?

With Only1List.

This new learning technology is designed to be simple — to make it next to impossible for you to forget what you've learned. It is specifically designed to propel any ordinary individual up to super-achiever status.

But the real value of Only1List lies in the fact that it ramps you up simultaneously across all the skills you need to attain true success, including innovation, leadership, positive mindset, motivation, selling, negotiating, influencing, time management, resilience, resourcefulness, charisma and igniting change —

To attain greatness in any skill,
you must throw out the methods
that keep ordinary people
stuck at ordinary

Take a close look at the individuals who are truly successful and you'll notice they are not just great at one or two skills. They are great at a whole bunch of skills.

Steve Jobs, for example, was great at innovation and execution and selling and presentations and motivation.

"But he was a rare exception," you're probably thinking. Probably so. But take a look at any individual you consider great and you'll find this is true again and again and again.

The truth is every great individual is a "rare exception." And Only1List is your simplest, easiest and best path to becoming great — and that "rare exception" yourself.

Here's the simple reality. It's time you face it.

You'll never be great if you learn how ordinary people learn … one skill at a time.

This simple slideshow demonstrates why. And it's just the tip of the iceberg —

  • You'll never be
    great at innovation
    unless you're also
    great at selling your ideas.

  • You'll never be
    great at selling
    unless you're also
    great at solving problems.

  • You'll never be
    great at solving problems
    unless you're also
    great at managing your time.

  • You'll never be
    great at managing your time
    unless you're also
    great at working with people.

  • You'll never be
    great at working with people
    unless you're also
    great at relationships.

  • You'll never be
    great at relationships
    unless you're also
    truly happy.

  • You'll never be
    truly happy
    unless you also
    express your creativity.

What this means is, to be great at any skill, you need to learn a whole bunch of other related skills as well … simultaneously. Otherwise your performance and your results will be far short of greatness.

"But wait," you're probably thinking. "I barely have the time or budget to learn all the lists for just one skill."

That's where you're wrong. With Only1List — in the same amount of time and money others typically take to learn just one skill — you can now ramp up on all the skills you need simultaneously.

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It's so simple
yet so brilliant
it makes you wonder
why no one
ever thought of it before

The "secret" behind Only1List is that your learning is integrated.

This the opposite of the traditional way where you learn one skill at a time, in bits and pieces. This method of learning is simply not enough. It never has been. And it never will be.

You must ramp up on all the skills you need — in one fell swoop.

And the only way currently available to do so is Only1List.

Nothing like this is being taught anywhere else.

Unlike traditional learning where you learn one skill at a time, Only1List is total integrated learning. It sweeps across everything you need to learn.

With the same time, effort and money it would take you to learn just one skill the traditional way, you can master as many as a dozen skills the Only1List way.

And because Only1List is integrated, your learning is cumulative —

What this means is that as you master each new skill, your understanding — and your results — with all your other skills grow cumulatively.

This is simply not realistic with traditional learning.

Because the traditional way, with each new skill, you typically get more and more lists to remember — all of which you quickly forget.

This is how ordinary people remain stuck at ordinary.

And you must move beyond it.

The big difference with Only1List is that you keep building on the same 1 list.

With each new skill, there's no new list. As a result, you ramp up quickly across all your skills.

This truly changes everything.

It's so simple yet so brilliant, you'll marvel at why no one ever thought of it before.

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Most People are
Shallow Learners

(But they don't realize it … How about you?)

The traditional way of learning makes you a shallow learner. You learn lots of lists, techniques, methods and recipes. But you gain a very shallow understanding of what you need to do.

What you need is to learn and understand deeply. And when you learn in this way, there are very few things to learn. Which allows you the time and effort to understand each of those very few things very deeply.

There are millions of methods … and then some. It's impossible to remember them all. And when you focus on learning or remembering so many methods, it's improbable you'll master any of them.

With Only1List, you focus on learning just a few things — the few things that sweep across all the skills you need to learn. With so little to learn, you quickly understand very deeply a whole bunch of skills.

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Conventional Wisdom

The Only1List technology is particularly noteworthy because it explodes the conventional wisdom about what it takes to excel in any field.

Here's why conventional wisdom may be doing you absolutely no good —

Wrong and Obsolete

Learn a whole ton of lists.


Learn only 1 list.

Wrong and Obsolete

Every time you want to learn a new skill — or attempt something new or different — you must learn even more lists. The lists just keep increasing.


Every time you want to learn a new skill — or attempt something new or different — you simply apply the same 1 list to the new skill.

Wrong and Obsolete

With so many lists to remember, it's easy to quickly forget most of it. That's why you never really advance to new levels of success.


With only 1 list, you can learn it all easily and quickly so it becomes second-nature to you. And you advance swiftly to new levels of success.

Wrong and Obsolete

With so many lists, you are forced to make compromises — and you never really master all the skills you need.


With only 1 list, you progressively get better and better and better at all the skills you need.

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Becoming great
is now easier than you think

The secret is not learning more and more lists.
But leveraging just 1 list
to excel in more and more skills

Yes, it's true. Only1List is Simple. Swift. And Sweeping.

But … Let me emphasize right here that Only1List is not simplicity for the sake of simplicity.

Rather, Only1List is profound in its simplicity.

Only1List gets its profound simplicity by hacking away the unessential and taking you to the core of what will make the biggest difference for you.

It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.

Bruce Lee
  • The profound simplicity of Only1List is what makes you so versatile — allowing you to excel in personal situations, business situations, career situations, social situations.
  • The profound simplicity of Only1List is what makes you so swift — allowing it to quickly become a way of life.
  • The profound simplicity of Only1List is what gives you a deep understanding of all the people and situations you encounter — allowing you to respond almost immediately with grace and dignity to even the most unfamiliar situations.

As Leonardo da Vinci so famously said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Pareto's Law
on Steroids

The profound simplicity of Only1List is the ultimate sophistication.

You've heard of Pareto's Law — the 80/20 rule — where 20% of your efforts bring you 80% of your results.

Only1List is Pareto's Law on steroids. It filters out the trivial many and drills down to the vital, vital few — so you can attain massive leverage toward attaining your goals.

The small difference
that makes all the difference

"But how can this be true?" you're probably wondering. "How can such a small difference possibly make such a huge difference in your results and your relationships?"

Let me give you a simple example …

Even the tiniest changes in any one aspect of your life also changes practically every other aspect of your life. It's the rippling effect.

So, let's say you learn to tap your creativity. Take a look at this slideshow to see the ripples this creates through other aspects of your life.

  • Creativity makes you
    naturally charismatic.

    We're all attracted to
    spontaneity, unpredictability and novelty
    — all natural byproducts of being creative.

  • Creativity frees you
    from stress.

    You become more open, more vibrant
    focused more on process, less on outcome
    — all byproducts of being creative.

  • Creativity raises your
    emotional intelligence.

    You become more alert and more aware,
    finely-tuned to hidden nuances
    — all natural byproducts of being creative.

  • Creativity helps you
    live a fuller life.

    You become more bold, more daring,
    more adventurous, more agile
    — all natural byproducts of being creative.

See? Massively huge doors swing open on very small hinges.

Only1List is that very small hinge. And its singular purpose is to swing open massively huge doors for you.

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Do you have the courage
to soar to the top of your game?

Quite frankly, despite its remarkable efficiency, Only1List may not be for you.

There are many people who say they want success.

But, they secretly delay their own success —

They make small things big. And they make simple things complex. They just don't have the desire or the courage to go against conventional wisdom.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.

E.F. Schumacker

They're not satisfied unless they have lots and lots of lists.

They're stimulated by discussing all the intricacies of success rather than by actually attaining it.

If you are this type of person, Only1List is not for you.

What do Only1List people
have in common?

Only1List people are like you — uncommonly serious about success. They are not interested in getting delayed or sidetracked. They are not interested in making easy things difficult.

They have, more than anything else, an insatiable desire to achieve more in a single year than what others achieve in an entire lifetime.

They are practical-minded enough to understand: "If I want to get a yard of results from an inch of effort, I must simplify things and get to the core! It's the only way to gain speed and momentum!"

They are one in a thousand.

There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.

Warren Buffett

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Special 75% Discount

But do you qualify?

Only1List is for everyone who wants to make life simpler … swifter … and sweeping.

It has been designed to make you great in all the skills you need at work … and also, in all your responsibilities at home.

It takes you to the core of what will make the biggest difference for you in a variety of situations, functions, professions and age groups.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs … individual contributors … professionals … leaders … those looking for new careers … and those looking to advance their existing careers.

It applies to life situations, business situations, relationship situations.

And now, for a limited time, you can access it for an exclusive, special steep discount. But only if you qualify.

You qualify for the discount if you are NOT a trainer, teacher, educator, author or speaker. If you qualify for the discount, you can register right here.

If you are a trainer, teacher, educator, author or speaker, then you do not qualify for the discount. You pay the full, non-discounted price. Please contact us to get instructions on how to register. Please do not register below as such registrations will be rejected — less a 10% administrative charge.

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No Refunds,
No Money-Back Guarantees

Only1List requires your commitment to stay with the Program all the way through.

We recognize that those who have such courage and commitment are rare. One in a thousand.

If you are that rare, one-in-a-thousand individual ready to move up from overwhelming complexity to profound simplicity, you will register for Only1List without urging.

We only want you if you don't respond to cheap come-on's. Only if you are so committed, you don't intend to quit midway. Only if it doesn't matter to you whether Only1List comes with a money-back guarantee. So, we won't insult you by offering you one.

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Accelerated Learning
that actually transforms into
substantial results

The Only1List Online Technology is based on one simple and profound underlying principle — that when you learn just a few things, you can learn them so well that you live them without thinking.

This is very important to your success. Because what it means is you respond immediately and instinctively to any situation — no matter how difficult, no matter how impossible, no matter how unfamiliar — with unruffled efficiency and effectiveness.

This is the exact opposite of traditional teaching methods, where you are drowned in so many lists that you would have to be superhuman to remember anything, let alone hope that any of it becomes a habit.

But how exactly do you make all the skills you need into a habit?

You form a habit through constant practice. And that's precisely how Only1List is designed …

Traditional teaching methods — with its endless barrage of lists — have made things so cumbersome that habit-forming is impossible.

And that marks the real difference between Only1List and traditional books, courses and blogs.

Built into the Only1List Online Program is a very quick and very convenient way for you to practice the 1 list — so that it swiftly integrates into how you live your life, how you do business, how you cement relationships.

Every day — for the entire duration of your Program — you access a new 5-minute-daily-practice flash panel.

There are only 7 ingredients in Only1List. This means you'll be cycling through a new nuance of these same 7 ingredients.

Just review the daily-practice panel. Allow 5 minutes. But you might find it actually takes a fraction of that.

And let it inform everything you do during the day. That's it.

Then before you know it, these 7 ingredients of Only1List have become a way-of-life for you — you're nipping problems in the bud, preventing mistakes that slow others down, making great decisions — all with an uncommon calm.

In just 5 minutes a day,
you can make Only1List
integral and intrinsic to
how you live your life

And the best part is not that you're becoming more proficient in more skills in a fraction of the time it took you before with the traditional methods. The best part is that you're actually having fun doing it.

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For the price of just 1
Master 9 skills
and 9 best-sellers

with the Expert package

Only1List is unique in you can learn multiple skills simultaneously.

The process is very simple, very swift and very practical.

And as part of your Online Program, I will demonstrate how you can use you Only1List to master new skills on your own.

Approximately every eight weeks, you will receive 1 example of how to mix-and-match the 7 ingredients to gain proficiency in a new skill.

For example, Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork, Time Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Service, Recruiting, Negotiating, Strategy. I will show you how the same 1 list of 7 ingredients is at the core of all such skills.

Next thing you know, you'll be mixing-and-matching these same 7 ingredients on your own to become proficient in more skills than you can imagine.

ramp up on multiple skills
with Only1List

The Shocking Truth
about Most Books,
Courses and Blogs

Here's what experts, gurus and pundits are hoping you never discover.

Almost every book, course or blog drowns you in even more lists. And the shocking truth is this —

  • Most of it will send you on a wild-goose chase: That's because it is incorrect, incomplete or inconsequential.

  • Very little is truly relevant to you: And what is relevant can be squeezed down to only 1 list.

The conventional view that you need more and more and more lists is not only outdated … it is absurd.

All this becomes really clear when you look at the situation at a practical level —

Let's say you want to become the next Steve Jobs (and it's quite okay, if this is not your goal, but bear with me for a moment).

Do you know how many books there are addressing this single subject? A few thousand — each of them with its own list .

Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson alone is 656 pages long. Isaacson's article on the "The Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs" in the Harvard Business Review lists — count 'em — 14 bullets .

How in the world are you supposed to master all this in one lifetime?

Do you see how ridiculous and even hopeless this situation is?

Let me show you how you can use Only1List to dramatically cut down the amount of information you need to consume …

Probably the most controversial,
but also the simplest,
the swiftest,
and the most useful
learning program ever

If you've ever said to yourself, "There must be a better way," you're right. There is


As part of your Only1List Online Program, I'll decipher 1 bestseller approximately every 8 weeks — so that you can see how to squeeze any book down to Only1List.

I will show you how to cut to the essence

  • So that you focus on what's truly relevant to your success, rather than get lost in a wild-goose chase.

  • So that you actually remember what's truly relevant to your success.

  • So that it swiftly becomes second-nature to you.

Before you know it, you're gaining a deep understanding of a very wide range of books and skills … even as you read a lot less.

stop juggling
so many books

And you're wondering why you ever learned any other way.