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 First, how much would you typically pay on average for just one course on any of the skills you need to be happy and successful?

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 Next, how many skills do you think you need to become a well-rounded, resounding success?

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@ Home

Make a Difference Be Super Effective Be an Attentive Listener Be Super Organized Live a Healthy Life Enjoy Tremendous Relationships Have Great Friends Influence Others Build Self Confidence Have Great Friends Get Super Motivated Forge Great Friendships Conquer Procrastination Change the World

@ Work

Gain Recognition Have Team Loyalty Be Effective with Feedback Be High Performance Get Things Done Make Things Happen Enjoy Customer Engagement Be a Great Communicator Ignite Collaboration Be Effective Negotiator Be Known for Innovation Be Naturally Charismatic Get a Standing Ovation Make a Dent in the World

Think you don't need to ramp up on a lot of skills? Think again.


 Next, select how many months you think you will take to master each of these skills on average

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$ 9,350

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17 years

On the other hand, if you were to break with tradition and learn the principles underlying all the skills you need, here's how much time and money you'd save …

save 96% cost

save 94% time

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