The sneaky little secret
for leaping ahead


all in 1 fell swoop

"But it's too easy!
It wouldn't be practical
to allow everyone access to this!"

New hope for
the individual strapped
for money or time

Are you strapped for time or capital or "skills" — but need to be great at any of these?

If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, then you must read this …

77,196 people
can't be wrong

Hello. This is Aman Motwane, founder of Only1List.

I still remember when I first started talking in public about the simple concepts underlying Only1List. The enthusiasm was so strong, people would walk up to me and stuff cash and checks and credit cards into my hands even though I insisted I didn't have a program yet to offer them.

I wanted to discourage them. I didn't want their money until I was ready. So, I started quoting them exorbitantly high prices. But even this didn't stop them. Before I knew it, I had nearly a thousand pre-paid reservation orders in my hands.

Since then, 77,196 individuals have trained themselves with these concepts.

And those 77,196 run the gamut — corporate executives and professionals ... individuals seeking deeper relationships ... spiritual seekers ... even those seeking to change the world.

This is the best proof that Only1List gets to the core of everything — business, professional, personal and spiritual.

Now, backed by the enthusiasm of those original 77,196 people, I've made Only1List available online.