Most Important Breakthrough
in Leadership Training
in 223 years

New Leadership Training
proves unexpectedly efficient —
Obsoletes Leadership Training as we know it

This breakthrough Leadership Training is called Only1List.

What's taken many observers by surprise is that Only1List requires a very small investment of time — only ±5 minutes a day … plus, only ±60 minutes a week. Of course, you may require more or less.

plus, in sharp contrast to mainstream leadership training which drowns you in lists, more lists and even more lists of rules, laws and techniques … Only1List leverages your learning. You learn only 1 short list. And you learn to apply this same 1 list to everything. Just as the name says —

  • Vision, Mission
  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Motivation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Recruiting
  • Performance
  • Change Management
  • Innovation
  • Time Management
  • Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Mindset
  • Boundaryless Organization
  • Diversity
  • Recognition
  • Delegation
  • Learning organization
  • Customer Service
  • Coaching, Mentoring
  • Feedback
  • Communications
  • Team Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Influence
  • Accountability
  • Self-Esteem
  • Charisma

Only1List sets
a new, benchmark
for the most complete,
most comprehensive,
most affordable
Leadership Training ever

The bottom line …

With Only1List, even an average leader can ramp up quickly across all the skills you need to become a great leader.

A Seismic Shift
in how you learn Leadership
and practically everything else

Only1List is unique in that you can learn multiple skills simultaneously.

The process is very simple, very swift and very practical.

And as part of your Online Program, I will demonstrate how you can use you Only1List to master new skills on your own.

Approximately every eight weeks, you will receive 1 example of how to mix-and-match the 7 ingredients to gain proficiency in a new skill. Not new ingredients. The same 7 ingredients.

For example, Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork, Time Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Service, Recruiting, Negotiating, Strategy.

I will show you how the same 1 list of the same 7 ingredients is at the core of all such skills.

Next thing you know, you'll be mixing-and-matching these same 7 ingredients on your own to become proficient in more skills than you can imagine.

ramp up on multiple skills
with Only1List

How is it possible to use the the same 1 list of the same 7 ingredients to master more and more skills? Go here

What makes this extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness possible?

Traditional and mainstream Leadership Training is about feeding you long, multiple lists of "how-to" techniques, rules, laws, methods, scripts, "best practices," habits and processes … for each of the skills you need as a leader.

But Only1List bypasses all of that because it guides you directly to the core of what ignites great leadership.

Mainstream Leadership Training
sabotages your success

If you're saying to yourself, "I can barely keep up with one skill. How in the world am I going to master all these other skills?" … then Only1List is specially for you!

It's time to step beyond the outdated paradigm of mainstream Leadership Training.

To become a great leader, you don't need to learn the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership … and/or the 22 indispensable qualities of a leader … and/or the 10 golden rules of leadership … and/or the 10 characteristics of a leader … and/or the 10 traits of a true leader.

All you need is just 1 simple list.

Also …

To become a great leader, you cannot afford any gaps in your skills.

Mainstream Leadership Training by its very design creates gaps in your skillset —

No wonder millions of trained leaders are still stuck at ordinary!

There's no getting around it —

Mainstream Leadership Training is fragmented and disjointed.

Only1List is a radical departure from this old-school way of training.

You're taught only 1 list — and you're taught how to apply this same one list to each different skill.

This way you can ramp up quickly across all the skills you need for success.

Only1List is the  only  integrated Leadership Training resource available to you today.

Get it done right.
Otherwise, why bother?

Only1List is a systematic, sustained development of your abilities so that great leadership becomes a way of life for you — without conscious effort.

You seriously can't expect to become a great leader by attending a two-day or even a weeklong course.

You seriously can't expect to become a great leader by gleaning bits-and-pieces from a variety of different books, seminars or blogs.

You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

Warren Buffett

Do it right. Or don't do it at all.

If you have the expectation that you'll get an instant transformation from any book, blog or course, you need to correct your expectations. And until you do, you are not ready for Only1List.

On the other hand, if you commit to strengthen and deepen your learning through Only1List, don't be surprised if you start seeing a measurable difference in your results and relationships within weeks.

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If you've ever said to yourself,
"There must be a better way,"
You're right. There is

If you've ever said to yourself, "There must be a better way," you're right. There is


As part of your Only1List Online Program, I'll decipher 1 bestseller approximately every 8 weeks — so that you can see how to distill any book down to Only1List.

That's right! The relevant material in practically ever book, blog post, workshop or course can be distilled down to the same 1 list.

I will show you how to cut to the essence

  • So that you focus on what's truly relevant to your success, rather than get lost in a wild-goose chase.

  • So that you actually remember what's truly relevant to your success.

  • So that it swiftly becomes first-nature to you.

stop juggling
so many books

Before you know it, you're gaining a deep understanding of a very wide range of books and skills … even as you read a lot less.

And before long, you're wondering why you ever learned any other way.

Don't expect to become
a great leader
when you learn leadership
how ordinary leaders learn

Mainstream Leadership Training is not just long and tedious. It is fundamentally wrong. Almost all leaders today are bring trained wrong.

This is why there's such a huge shortage of great leaders today.

When you learn leadership the wrong way, it doesn't matter how many hours, lists, books, courses, seminars or blogs you use. You remain hopelessly stuck at mediocrity.

On the flip side, when you learn leadership right, you don't need very much.

The wrong training
— and most training today is wrong —
will never transform
an ordinary leader
into a great leader

Great leaders understand something ordinary leaders don't …

No mere technique will transform an ordinary performer into a superstar.

Fujio Cho, Past President, Chairman, Toyota

And yet, mainstream books, courses, blogs, universities — and experts, gurus, pundits and "thought leaders" — teach you — and your organization — techniques, rules, laws, methods, scripts, "best practices," habits, prescriptions, recipes and processes.

They teach what to do and what to say.

They teach you leadership the wrong way!

It doesn't matter how well you — or your organization — have mastered what to do or what to say.

It doesn't even matter how many hours, weeks, months or even years you devote to mastering the do's and don'ts.

Because you'll never attain extraordinariness unless you focus on who you are.

Any success you attain through techniques, rules, laws, methods, scripts, "best practices," habits or processes will pale in comparison to the quantum leaps you can attain in very short order when you focus on who you are.

Yes, this is radically different from how you've been learning until now.

Yet, once you grasp this crucial difference, your life, your business, your career will never be the same


No matter how well you master the do's and don'ts of leadership … your followers won't follow your leadership unless they buy who you are.

They might comply with your demands. They just won't give you their best. Some might even defy your authority. And in this way, they'll hold all of you back.

On the flip side, once your followers buy who you are, they'll be quick to look past any lapses in what you do or what you say.


No matter how well you master the scripts and techniques … your customers won't care unless they buy who you are.

On the flip side, once your customers buy who you are, they'll be quick to look past your use of scripts or techniques.

This is why companies that excel at customer service — such as Apple, Starbucks and Zappos — don't waste time on scripts or techniques and instead focus on developing their customer-service reps on the who you are side of the equation.

What's true in business is equally true at home …


No matter how well you master the rules and laws of relationships … your family and friends won't care unless they buy who you are.

On the flip side, once your family and friends buy who you are, they won't care whether you follow the rules or laws of relationships.

What you do and what you say are nowhere near as important as who you are. Not even close.

And yet, most books, courses, blogs, universities — and experts, gurus and "thought leaders" — focus you on what to do and what to say.

They keep you stuck at ordinary.

You can only be great
if you focus like the greats

Those who become great grasp the imperative to focus on who you are.

And they work on how they see the world — their perspective.

Why perspective? Because …

Your perspective (how you see things) shapes who you are

And who you are shapes how you see things.

The two are intricately intertwined.

When you see the world differently, you do different things … you say different things … you think different thoughts.

This changes who you are at the core.

As a result, you get different results — extraordinary results.

You forge different relationships — extraordinary relationships.

You see things others don't


When Steve Jobs was asked about Apple's process for innovation, he retorted, We don't think, 'Let's be innovative! Let's take a class! Here are the five rules of innovation, let's put them up all over the company!'

When told most people do just that, he added,
It's painful to watch.

You and your team can toil all year long on the rules for creativity, brainstorming and innovation. But you won't even come close to seeing the game-changing ideas … until you change how you see the world.


You can deploy all the methods and processes to devise the best strategy for your organization.

But you will not even begin to spot the strategy that will set you apart from the competition … until you change how you see the world.

Changing how you see the world and focusing on who you are is the key driver of your success across practically everything. Some more examples …


It doesn't matter how many different initiatives you launch to get your employees engaged …

Your employees won't bring you their 'A' game unless they resonate with who you are — individually and as an organization.


Being effective with your time has very little to do with your habits or techniques.

You might become great at getting things done, but what you need to be great at is making things happen. And that comes from how you see the world — which is inextricably tied to who you are.


Your culture is not what you say you're going to do on a piece of paper.

It is about who you are — collectively. It is about how you collectively see the world.

Feedback &

Any feedback you give to a member of your team about what they did or said almost always backfires.

And, as you probably are already frustratingly aware, it doesn't change performance.

To cultivate top-notch performance, you need to groom your team to change how they see the world. This is how you prepare them for the future.


When recruiting employees, most companies focus on what the candidate did in the past. They look at resumes and references. They focus on talents and skills … and attitudes. But these are not your surest predictors of excellence in the future.

A candidate may be very talented and/or have a great attitude. A candidate may have accomplished great things in the past in the specific situations they encountered. But situations change, the world of business is constantly changing. Without the right perspective, even a candidate who excelled in the past will fumble in new and unfamiliar situations.

This is why extraordinary companies focus on how the candidate sees the world.

Training &

In most companies today, training is based on the assumption that more and better training will solve the problems of the organization.

But as most have discovered, training typically leads to little more than business as usual. That's because the training is based on the false assumption that if employees are trained what to do and what to say, then they will develop into great employees.

Extraordinary organizations — such as Apple, Toyota, Southwest and Starbucks — have discovered that a concerted effort to groom employees on how they see the world is a prerequisite to greatness.

Can you afford to ignore
this centuries-old secret?

Through the ages, those who've attained greatness have clearly understood this one simple secret …

When you — and your organization — focus on what to do and what to say, you drown in multiple lists of techniques, rules, laws, methods, scripts, "best practices," habits, prescriptions, recipes and processes.

And this always leads to confusion, complications — and trouble.

When you shift your focus to who you are and how you see the world, you dramatically simplify everything — and at the same time, speed up your results.

Ralph Waldo Emerson taught us this nearly a century and a half ago.

But most experts, gurus and "thought leaders" don't want you to know anything about this secret —

As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your success and survival depends on you not getting seduced by the complexity.

There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.

Warren Buffett

Raise yourself to extraordinary. Rise above the mainstream. All you need is only one simple list of perspective shifts.

77,196 people
can't be wrong

Hello. This is Aman Motwane, founder of Only1List.

I still remember when I first started talking and writing about the concepts underlying Only1List. The enthusiasm was so strong, people started stuffing cash and checks and credit cards into my hands even though I adamantly told them I had nothing yet to offer them.

I wanted to discourage them. I didn't want their money until I was ready. So, I started quoting them exorbitantly high prices. But even this didn't stop them. Before I knew it, I had nearly a thousand pre-paid reservation orders in my hands.

Since then, 77,196 individuals have trained themselves with these concepts.

And those 77,196 run the gamut — corporate executives and professionals ... individuals seeking deeper relationships ... spiritual seekers ... even those seeking to change the world.

This is the best proof that Only1List gets to the core of everything — business, professional, personal and spiritual.

Now, backed by the enthusiasm of those original 77,196 people, I've made Only1List available online.

Just a few of the nationally-known companies whose representatives have turned for guidance to Aman Motwane’s books and programs:

AT & T


American Express

Anheuser Busch



Bank of America

Blue Shield




Century 21


Conde Nast

Delta Airlines


Farmers Insurance

General Electric


Hewlett Packard

Marriott Hotels


Northrop University




Sheraton Inn

Stanford University




U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

U.S. Navy

United Airlines


To read what others are saying, go here.

Get everyone
across your entire organization
on the same page

Through the ages, those who've attained greatness have clearly understood this one simple secret …

Think of any company that has produced extraordinary results consistently for decades. For example, Apple, Toyota, Southwest. Notice how their extraordinary success pretty much sweeps across the board.

Next, think of any company that regularly struggles to produce results. Notice how they are ordinary at pretty much everything.

Extraordinariness comes as a result of having the right foundation. And once you've set the right foundation, you can attain extraordinariness with pretty much everything.

The Only1List Online Technology is based on one simple and profound underlying principle — that when you learn just a few things, you can learn them so well that you live and breathe them without thinking.

This is very important to your success.

Because what it means is you respond immediately and instinctively to any situation — no matter how difficult, no matter how impossible, no matter how unfamiliar — with unruffled efficiency and effectiveness.

This is the exact opposite of traditional teaching methods, where you are drowned in so many lists that you would have to be superhuman to remember anything. When you need it most, traditional teaching lets you down.

But how exactly do you make all the skills you need a habit?

You form a habit through practice. And that's precisely how Only1List is designed …

Traditional teaching methods — with its endless barrage of lists — have made things so cumbersome that habit-forming is impossible.

And that marks the real difference between Only1List and traditional books, courses and blogs.

Built into the Only1List Online Program is a very quick and very convenient way for you to practice the 1 list — so that it swiftly integrates into how you live your life, how you do business, how you cement relationships.

Every day — for the entire duration of your Program — you access a new 5-minute, daily-practice flash card.

There are only 7 ingredients in Only1List. This means you'll be cycling through a new nuance of these same 7 ingredients — and only these 7 ingredients, nothing else — week after week.

Just review the daily-practice card. Allow 5 minutes. But you might find it actually takes a fraction of that.

And let it inform everything you do during the day. That's it.

Then before you know it, these 7 ingredients of Only1List have become a way-of-life for you — you're nipping problems in the bud, preventing mistakes that slow others down, making great decisions — all with an uncommon swiftness and an uncommon calm.

In just 5 minutes a day,
you can make Only1List
integral and intrinsic to
how you live your life

And the best part is not that you're becoming more proficient in more skills in a fraction of the time it took you before with the traditional methods. The best part is that you're actually having fun doing it.

What You Get

  • Quick Start Guide
    How to use Only1List
    to excel across
    multiple skills
  • 5 min daily practice
    to make Only1List
    a way of life
  • no refunds
  • Discounts below
    not available to
    training orgs
  • 17 skills unpacked
    to Only1List
    so you learn how to
    master all skills
  • 9 bestsellers distilled
    to Only1List
    so you can
    cut out the crap
    and master what's relevant
  • Check Your Progress
    Frequent exercises
    to verify
    your progress
  • Audio Seminar
    How to be insightful
    not just full of insights
  • Audio Seminar
    The One Hidden Cause
    of Failure
    and how to defeat it
  • Audio Seminar
    Extraordinary Relationships
    using Only1List
  • Audio Seminar
    Extraordinary Innovation
    using Only1List
  • Audio Seminar
    Extraordinary Prosperity
    using Only1List
  • Audio Seminar
    Extraordinary Effectiveness
    using Only1List
  • up to 10




  • — 1 year —
    24/7 Online Access
    to Only1List and
    for each participant
  • 45% Discount



    per person
  • up to 25




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    24/7 Online Access
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    24/7 Online Access
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    24/7 Online Access
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